5 Benefits of Treating Your TMJ

The Temporomandibular joint is what connects the jawbone to the skull. Any discomfort to this joint is bound to be uncomfortable. It is often difficult to determine the cause of a person’s TMJ disorder, but some of the most common culprits include auto accidents, traumas, physical abuse, and contact sport.


The best course of action for people experiencing this disorder is to undergo TMJ therapy. Temporomandibular joint therapy in Jacksonville, Florida, involves a detailed examination of the patient and determining the best treatment process.


You will find many TMJ chiropractic therapy in Jacksonville, Florida; however, selecting one with a good review, experience, and communication skills are important.


Below are some of the advantages you will enjoy from treating your TMJ Disorder


Pain Relief


People who have had TMJ pain know the pain can be quite unbearable. The pain presents itself in dull, aching, or chronic ways. All these are more reasons why you shouldn’t be put off treatment.


Treating your TMJ will ensure that you are pain-free within a couple of days.


Reduced Medication


Medications are good for instant pain relief, but sometimes these medications come with negative side effects. Addiction is one common side effect of pain medications. The increasing reliance on this medication might be detrimental in the long run.
Getting TMJ therapy reduces your number of medications resulting in reduced side effects.


Restore and Protect the Teeth


Most patients experiencing TMJ often experience chronic and intense grinding of teeth called bruxism. The condition can cause the teeth to wear and eventually break down. This condition will also put pressure on your joint and muscle, which can also be detrimental.


TMJ treatment will resolve the problem and give a clean bill to perform restorative dentistry.


Avoid Headache


A TMJ disorder might lead to headaches, although it is not always suspected by doctors who are not trained to look for it. As a result, they prescribe headache treatment that will do little to help.


The headache might become progressively worse if left untreated. So if your headache medications are not giving you the desired result, you can try a TMJ treatment. It might be the answer.




TMJ therapy offers many benefits, and this option should be extensively explored. Pain causes are often associated with the wrong diagnoses, leading to ineffective treatment. If you have been dealing with pain with no result, try exploring TMJ therapy.